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A 10-Night, 9-Day Bali Bliss Retreat, Designed to Help You Create YOUR Own Version of Heaven on Earth!

Design Your Dream Life + Get The Tools to Create It
+ Rest, Relax & Replenish!

At Multiple Luxury Villas
Magical Bali, Indonesia

May 21 - 31, 2025


 JOIN US at multiple luxury villas on the incomparable "Island of the Gods" - BALI, Indonesia - to create YOUR vision of Heaven On Earth + rest, restore, and replenish on a 10-night, 9-day retreat for women who want to make the most of this miracle of life on earth!


Create HEAVEN ON EARTH with us as we retreat on the "Island of the Gods" (magical BALI, Indonesia) in luxury villas and explore some of the world's most sacred and beautiful sites from May 21 - 31, 2025!

You can expect: a deeply spiritual and life-changing journey, that begins the moment you sign up!

True "Heaven on Earth" includes choosing how we define success; and focusing our precious time and energy on what matters most to us; what brings us joy; what lights us up! YOU get to decide how to live your one wild & precious life! 

We'll venture together to explore and activate our deepest hearts' desires, because you deserve true peace, joy, abundance and bliss! 

This is the FIRST time EVER that I will be offering a luxury retreat at such an affordable monthly cost, PLUS 18 months of bonus coaching, because you deserve to start living our YOUR version of Heaven on Earth NOW... Let's do it together!

I believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to live her wildest dreams! My heart's mission is to help YOU co-create Heaven on Earth, as we journey together over the next 18 months, culminating in the retreat experience of a lifetime in magical BALI - known as the "Island of the Gods!" 


What is included in this magic?!?!!?

  • One group coaching call per month, on Zoom so you can join us from anywhere in the world, starting in January 2024, to help you craft (and activate!) what YOUR version of Heaven on Earth looks like! 

  • One individual coaching call per quarter (every 3 months) to help you refine your vision of Heaven on Earth, and take inspired action to help you manifest more of your wildest dreams!

  • A life-changing, unforgettable, blissful and magical 10-night and 9-day* HEAVEN ON EARTH Retreat in incomparable Bali, Indonesia - the "Island of the Gods" where we will stay in luxury villas, enjoy delicious food, mind-blowing excursions, and even visit the "Gates of Heaven" (this is a real destination in Bali!). 

*Please note that you can also just come from May 22 - May 30th (8 nights and 7 days) if that works better for your life and schedule! The first and last days of the retreat are essentially "Bonus Days" where you can stay in our luxury lodging and acclimate to the time difference, plus explore the beach town of Seminyak and shop and dine at a relaxed pace before flying home! 

Just imagine it...


  • Exploring the crystalline beaches, stunning waterfalls, sacred temples, lush jungles, and heavenly vistas of Bali....

  • Meeting the deeply spiritual and loving people who call this island home....


  • Staying in 5-star luxury villas in stunning locations, and enjoying mouth-wateringly delicious meals cooked with love, with all of your needs met....


  • Spending time with other extraordinary women like you as you all design the future of your dreams...

  • Diving deep into ancient spiritual practices, include yoga and guided meditations, to help you tap into your own divine wisdom and to create the vision for your best future....

  • Getting loving guidance and coaching for 18 months by Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and Meditation Master Lisa Powell Graham before you set off on this journey, so that your best destiny starts NOW.... 


You'll create your own personal vision of "Heaven on Earth" on this heavenly island destination, and then we'll help you set that plan in motion!


It's your best destiny - ACTIVATED!


Tell me more - HOW DO I SIGN UP?????


IT'S EASY.... Just decide whether you prefer a Private Room with Ensuite Bath, or a Shared Room for you and a bestie (or I can align you with another awesome traveler, and you can make a new friend!). 


Then you'll make one low monthly payment each month for the next 18 months, and you'll be all set! It's just $544 per month for a Private Room with Ensuite Bath - if you prefer more space and quiet. Or bring or make a new friend and share a room with one other awesome one for only $288 per month! This one low monthly fee includes meals, drinks, excursions, coaching, yoga - all the HEAVEN ON EARTH MAGIC on Bali, Island of the Gods! 

OR if you prefer, you can pay in full and save! You'll save over $2,000 by paying in full for a Private Room with Ensuite Bath, and over $1,000 by paying in full for a Shared Room. This is the overall best deal for Bali! 

You decide which payment plan and option is best for you! Sign up - and off we go!


Let's create HEAVEN ON EARTH together! And have the trip of a lifetime together in magical BALI, the Island of the Gods! CHOOSE THE PLAN that works best for you and your life! Reserve your spot, below! 


We will stay in multiple luxury villas, including this oceanfront Paradise! 


Luxe Oceanfront Villa in Bali, Indonesia

Here is what the "Intrepid Traveler" had to say about Bali:

It’s hard to run out of things to do while in Bali. There is always an adventure to be found, and the island’s diversity makes it suitable for just about anyone. There is raw beauty all over and around Bali....


The island boasts a myriad of impressive volcanoes, crystalline beaches, world-class diving, diverse nightlife, iconic ricefields, and and gorgeous waterfalls. Breathtaking hiking can be found all over the island....

Come create HEAVEN ON EARTH with us! Join us on the Island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia, for Ten Nights and 9 Days of Bali Bliss!* HERE is what is included:



*All lodging for 10 nights and 9 magical days is included from May 21 - 31, 2025!

Your lodging in this spectacular Northern Bali oceanfront villa with stunning views, as well as our luxury villas in Ubud and Seminayak, plus most meals, drinks, snacks, transport from one villa to another, multiple mind-blowing excursions are all included... So you can simply sit back and RELAX. 


Also, as noted above, if it works better in your schedule to travel for 8 nights and 7 days (May 22nd - May 30th, 2025), you can still come and you won't miss any of the retreat programming! May 21 and May 31 are "Bonus Days" as a buffer on either side of your trip where you can relax in our luxury lodging and acclimate to the time difference, plus explore, shop and dine in the beach haven of Seminyak before flying home! 


We will have private chefs to cater most of your delicious meals (with some exciting opportunities to walk into town as well to try amazing Balinese restaurants of your choice!). You'll enjoy amazing meals with your lifelong Goddess friends who are joining you to also create THEIR version of Heaven on Earth! Floating breakfast on a tray in Bali? Yes, we'll have that for you + countless other delicious surprises! 


We will visit the actual "Gates of Heaven" in Bali (yes, one of their famous sacred spots is named the "Gates of Heaven"!), as well as numerous other iconic and spiritual spots, plus natural magical spots like the famous waterfalls of Northern Bali. Our tour and stay in multiple luxury villas (three villas in three iconic spots in Bali!) will blow your mind! Heaven on Earth is here for you now! 


Starting as soon as you sign up, international keynote & TEDx speaker, Harvard-trained strategic planner & MPA, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Meditation Instructor & Visioning Expert Lisa Powell Graham will be there to guide you through a spiritual process to create your vision for HEAVEN ON EARTH.


Expect a deep dive into a magical guided meditationsa new vision for your version of Heaven on Earth, and a vision plan that maps out how to make it happen - we will walk through all of this together, and ascend together! The journey starts NOW! And will culminate in our magical time together on the "Island of the Gods," Bali, Indonesia! 


More than anything, this special time together is about resting, restoring and replenishing. It is WHEN we take the time to truly SLOW DOWN, take deep breaths, and dive into our vision of a magical future that we are able to actually create that vision and MANIFEST it. 


You will be guided through a spiritual journey on these 10 nights and 9 magical days, that begins the moment you sign up... And will include guided meditations, journaling, coaching, manifestation exercises, visits to sacred sites and more to help YOU create the vision & plan for your best life!

Okay I've heard enough - SIGN ME UP! 


P.S. SIGN UP BY 5/31/2024 & SAVE $2,000!

So how do I sign up????

Get the best value of all by paying in full by 5/31/2024.

If you pay in full now, you will save almost $2,000 off the price of a Private Room with Ensuite Bath, or $1,000 off the cost of a Shared Room (shared with one other friend or biz bestie).

There are only 2
 Private Rooms remaining, and 1 Shared Room left (there are two people per spots Shared Room).

Once they are gone - they are gone, so don't wait!

OR choose a convenient payment plan for your budget!
It's only $288
per month
for a Shared Room
over 18 months to make it work for you! 

(You will share the room with one awesome other retreat attendee, and you can choose either to invite a friend or biz bestie, or let us pair you up with another awesome woman who's coming!)

Save your spot today by starting your 18-month payment plan... and your journey begins NOW! Cannot wait!

(Sign up by 5/31/2024 and save $2,000!)

Or upgrade to a PRIVATE ROOM with Private Ensuite Bath for only $544 per month over 18 months
 to make it easy for you!

(Sign up by 5/31/2024 and save $2,000!)

You will get the lowest price and most savings by signing up by 5/31/2024! After that, the 18-month payment plan will no longer be available. So sign up now to save and make it work for your budget!
(After 5/31/2024, there will be 12-month payment plans available. If you are paying the monthly rate, the monthly rate for a Private Room goes up to $816 and the monthly rate for a Shared Room goes up to $432). 

DON'T WAIT if you know you need to be here to play, chill, create & live YOUR vision of Heaven on Earth with us!

Spots are extremely limited!

The total value of everything included is over $20,000 per person (see detailed list, below). Yet you'll pay less than 1/2 of that now (more than 50% off!), because I believe in LUXURY ON A BUDGET.... 


EVERYONE deserves luxury in their lives!


Let's co-create HEAVEN ON EARTH now!



Your magical HEAVEN ON EARTH retreat package includes: 


  • Lodging for 10 nights & 9 magical days at stunning 5-star luxury villas, including this oceanfront luxury villa! (Value: It costs tens of thousands of dollars to reserve all of your villas but truly - PRICELESS! Check out those million-dollar views!)

  • Most meals & drinks at the private villas: While we are staying in luxury villas that are walkable from famous local restaurants, we will give you a chance to explore and enjoy! At some of our villas, including the dreamy oceanfront villa pictured above, private chefs will prepare ALL of your meals. Be prepared to bring some money just for the 10% of meals that you will get to choose on your own, along with your other retreat Goddesses!

  • Optional Special Excursions (Value: $1000+ per person): We'll explore some of the most magical & spiritual destinations on this island together - and it's all included!


  • 18 Months of Coaching (Value: $15,000!): Why WAIT for the magic to start???? As soon as you sign up, you'll be enrolled in 18 months of coaching to help you design YOUR vision of Heaven on Earth, and to take inspired action to set it into motion! Lisa Powell Graham MPA is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach who is living HER version of Heaven on Earth (her dream life!) and her mission is to help you do the same! You'll enjoy 18 group coaching calls monthly on Zoom, PLUS six (6) quarterly PRIVATE COACHING CALLS (these are valued at $997 apiece!). 

  • Plenty of time to REST and RELAX (with a flexible schedule): The HEAVEN on EARTH Retreat is designed with YOUR pleasure and relaxation in mind, so there will always be plenty of down-time to rest, relax, explore and dive more deeply into YOUR own sacred purpose, life and journey. We'll be there to guide you! Check out the FAQs below for e amore detailed sample schedule of what to expect in Bali!


  • Your time is flexible ~ because we highly prioritize rest & freedom!

If you are definitely IN, sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot! 



There will be no refunds, because we have to pre-book all luxury retreat venues, pay our private chefs, and book the excursions in advance. We also believe in fully committing to yourself and your future! Lisa's friend and mentor Susan Hyatt calls this the Beyonce policy. If you bought tickets to a Beyonce concert, then decided not to go, would she refund your ticket? She would not.


Once you sign up, the journey and the coaching start! 


Commit fully to YOURSELF and your future like you would to Queen Bey! 


If you are unable to come for any reason, you will have the option to sell or transfer your ticket until December 31, 2024. Alternatively, you can apply the credit towards a future retreat, life or business coaching, or TEDx or public speaking coaching with Lisa Powell Graham and Goddess Destination Retreats.


We are soooo excited to share this epic, life-changing experience and journey with you! Heaven on Earth starts NOW! 


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 

  1. Why are you planning this retreat 18 months in advance? Glad you asked! For so many reasons.... For starters, for many retreat attendees, dedicating this much time to invest in YOUR future and spiritual journey is making a leap! (Go YOU for investing in you!). We understand that it can take time to find babysitters (or make arrangements to leave the kids with their grandparents!); find pet-sitters; schedule time away from work; save up for international flights; etc. We get that! AND we want our retreat attendees to be able to spread out the cost of this magical retreat over time, so that it fits into your monthly budget. We believe in luxury on a budget! EVERYONE deserves the 5-star treatment - it's YOUR time to be pampered, live your dream life, design your dream future, and SHINE! 

  2. Why Bali? Because we believe it may be as close as we can come to "Heaven on Earth!" Bali is known as the "Island of the Gods." It's where famous author Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat, Pray, Love" headed for the "Pray" spiritual leg of her journey. 

  3. What airport do I fly into? Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS). Formerly known as Denpasar International Airport, this is the main gate for Island of Bali - known as the "Island of the Gods" and a top destination in the world. 

  4. Is the airfare to Bali included? No - you arrange your own airfare into Bali, so you decide the best timing and airline for you! Expect about a 20-hour trip one way from NYC.  Be sure to arrive by noon on May 21, 2025 to take advantage of the free tranportation provided to our first luxury villa. You will be able to book your flight as early as 12 months prior to our trip, if you wish! (Flights to Bali for May 2025 are not yet for sale on most major airlines, so you have plenty of time to plan & save for your flight!). Also, many major airlines also now offer the option to pay over time via a service like Uplift or Affirm, so you can spread the cost over time.

  5. What time of weather should I expect in Bali? May is the dry season in Bali, and you should expect summer weather, with highs in the 80s. It's a less touristy time of year, and we picked May because we will be able to see the major highlights, sacred temples and more in Bali without the crowds of high season. 

  6. Is Bali safe? Yes, Bali consistently rates as a safe destination for international travelers.

  7. Are we really going to visit the "Gates of Heaven"? Yes, that is really a famous site to visit in Bali! You can read more about it here

  8. Do I need to bring extra cash to spend? Yes, we recommend that you plan to have some trip spending money. We will be staying at a luxury resort that is walkable to local beaches, restaurants, cafes, shopping, etc. While most meals are covered, we have also left some lunches and dinners open so that you can try the local food, and organize your own trips into town! If you want to buy any gifts, art, or sacred objects to bring home, you'll want to have some spending money.

  9. Will the cost of our group excursions be covered? Yes, absolutely! We cover the cost of all optional group excursions. However, if you plan to buy any art or gifts while at the sacred and natural sites of Bali, you can bring spending cash for that.

  10. What is the schedule for the retreat? We'll keep you posted on all the details of your itinerary. It may change over time, according to what best suits the group; this is an approximate schedule for the 10 nights and 9 days. The overview will include: 


RETREAT ITINERARY ​(Note: Some details may change - this is the overview!). 

  • Day 1 (May 21, 2025): Fly into Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) in Denpasar. Arrive at our first luxury retreat villa in Ubud (about 30 - 40 minutes away) and RELAX! It's a long trip, and likely a time zone change for most retreat attendees. So Day 1 will be very low-key. Also, retreat attendees have the option to arrive by May 22nd if that works better for your schedule... We are giving you plenty of time to ease into this "Heaven on Earth" luscious luxury life in Bali! You can arrive at the villas anytime from 4 p.m. on. We'll provide you with recommended options for easy transport from DPS Airport. 

  • Day 2 (May 22, 2025): Heaven Starts Now! Wake up whenever you like (we like to let our retreat attendees sleep in!). Join your host for a guided meditation if you like at 11 a.m., then relax by the pool or spend time exploring the many sacred sites in Ubud! (or simply rest if that's what you need most in adjusting to this new world and time zone!). Today is designed as a low-key day to allow everyone to fully adjust to our new Time Zone - and some guests may still be arriving today as well! 

  • Day 3 (May 23, 2025): Time to Visit the Gates of Heaven! Your morning is your own! We'll gather by 11 a.m. for another guided meditation and a Welcoming Circle to set the tone and intentions for the retreat. Enjoy some afternoon yoga, time at the luxury pool, or head into town for some shopping. Then we are off to view sunset at the famous Gates of Heaven in East Bali! After some magical exploration, we head to our next oceanfront luxury villa in Northern Bali! 

  • Day 4 (May 24, 2025): Practice Peace... Wake up when you like - get up to watch the sunrise over the ocean, or sleep in - you choose! This will be our first day together at our gorgeous luxury oceanfront villa featured in the gallery above in North Bali. Plan to enjoy a guided meditation together at 11 a.m., a delicious catered lunch by our private chefs, some visioning and journaling exercises to guide your creation of your own personal Heaven on Earth, and optional afternoon Yoga. You can also walk on the beach, relax by the pool, read, journal, bond with other retreat attendees! 

  • Day 5 (May 25, 2025): Map Your Heaven On Earth Vision: Sleep in or rise to see the sunrise over the ocean (you choose!) at our own private beach! Today, we'll gather for a guided meditation, lunch and coaching exercises before heading out to explore the magical waterfalls of North Bali together! 

  • Day 6 (May 26, 2025): Relax & Refresh... Spend your morning as you wish! We'll gather for a guided meditation, delicious lunch, and coaching exercises, then you can opt for Yoga, pool time, beach time, resting or journaling in the afternoon! Part of creating "Heaven on Earth" is learning to be with ourselves in the more still and quiet times so we can tune in and listen to our own inner divine wisdom, which is always there! Enjoy a delicious catered dinner with the group at sunset! 

  • Day 7 (May 27, 2025): Touring Sacred Sites: After our our guided meditation at 11 a.m., we'll head back together to Southern Bali, exploring some sacred sites along the way! Tonight we'll stay in famous Seminayak near some of Bali's most iconic beaches - which are walkable from our luxury retreat villas! 

  • Day 8 (May 28, 2025): Creating Your Action Plan for Your Heaven on Earth: Rise with the sun or sleep in - your choice! Let your spirit guide you! We'll gather for our group meditation at 11 a.m., followed by a delicious group lunch, then a coaching session to turn your vision for Heaven on Earth into a PLAN that you can implement to crate your dream life! Today is also a day of play and exploration. We'll head to town together by dinner-time to enjoy a local favorite Balinese restaurant (our treat!). We can't believe our time together is winding up.... 

  • Day 9 (May 29, 2025): Exploring Magical Seminyak! Enjoy a restful morning, or some morning yoga & meditation. Today the afternoon will be free to explore the shops, restaurants, beaches and temples that are walkable from our stunning luxury retreat villas! We'll gather for an inspiring dinner together at our luxury villas, and a sacred Goddess Closing Circle Ceremony to celebrate our magical and spiritual adventures together! 

  • Day 10 (May 30, 2025): Head home - or stay one more day to play! Or if you choose extend your stay in Bali, or visit another nearby magical destination like Thailand! Create YOUR Heaven on Earth. We will provide luxury lodging as well for the night of May 30th for all who stay, and we'll all check out of our luxury villas by 10 a.m. on the morning of May 31st (so plan ahead for this!). 


Finally, who is this retreat for? Well, hopefully for YOU....

This retreat is designed for:

  • any woman who has ever struggled to put yourself first;

  • who knows there is simply MORE to this life than all that transpires day-to-day;

  • who knows the best is yet to come,

  • who is ready to tune in deeply to your own inner guidance, and to truly "Follow Your Bliss";

  • and who believes that we really do get to create the lives of our dreams, when we choose it and commit to the path!

This retreat will be a spiritual deep dive, a living experience of the principles of how to manifest your wildest dreams, a time to restore and replenish, and luxury retreat at some of the world's most magnificent 5-star villas on the Island of the Gods, Bali.


You will never be the same after this life-changing and game-changing and world-changing experience! To reserve your spot and use our convenient and easy monthly payment plan, just choose between a Private or Shared Room!



OR click below if you prefer to pay in full to save thousands! You get the best possible deal by signing up and paying in full by May 31, 2024.  

Your HEAVEN ON EARTH Retreat Host:


Your Retreat Leader Lisa Powell Graham, MPA
Motivational Keynote + TEDx Speaker / Meditation Instructor / Women's Leadership Coach / Martha Beck Certified Life Coach Since 2012

Lisa is the proud founder of Wonder Women International. Her mission on earth is empowering girls and women globally. 


Lisa does this through:

  • Keynotes and motivational talks, including two TEDx talks to date! 

  • Masterminds and coaching focused on women's leadership

  • Global destination retreats for women with a "Live Your Best Destiny" theme and framework


Lisa is passionate about travel; progressive politics; self-development; and doing her part to make this world a better, kinder place. Lisa has traveled to 34 countries on 5 continents to date (and is adding to that list in 2024 and beyond!).

As part of her quest to create her own "Heaven on Earth," Lisa has studied with top spiritual teachers in the U.S. and India since 2005. She has used the ancient practices of yoga and meditation to help heal from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Lisa used to live with chronic anxiety, self-loathing, and regular panic attacks... She now loves herself and her life, and lives her dreams. Lisa has been teaching meditation to share these ancient, life-changing practices for more than a decade now, including leading workshops in India with her Buddhist teacher.


Lisa has worked on three presidential campaigns, including serving as part of Hillary Clinton's staff in 2016 in Philadelphia, PA, where there was record voter turnout and a record-breaking victory for the Democrats. Lisa is also a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach.


She earned her Master in Public Administration degree at Harvard University, and her B.A. in English Literature with a Certificate in Creative Writing from Princeton University. Lisa is currently based in Troy, New York.


You can find Lisa on Instagram at @LisaPowellGraham 

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